BIO   Musician    Producer    Songwriter 

Chay Guan, the musical alias of Carlo Tuason, is a Filipino-Chinese Folk-R&B singer/songwriter, bedroom producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. Originally a classically-trained violinist prior to songwriting, Chay Guan’s music brings together the intimate, occasionally-cheesy lyrical and melodic sensibilities of folk music with synth and bass-heavy R&B/hip-hop beats, creating a chill and relaxed atmosphere begging for introspection. His music project “Human Error.” —composed of gradually released singles— documents his journey as he works through change, loneliness, and learning to love himself.He’s previously performed for the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center and various other community/regional organizations and events.

Carlo is also a curator and scholar who is interested in visual politics, protest, and creative resistance in Asia and Asian America. More information on that can be found at http://www.carlotuason.com

Images by Victoria Chen, Bao Ngo, & Matthew Perez